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City Attractions
♦ Bahu Temple
Bahu Temple is situated inside the Bahu Fort, popularly called Bave Wali Mata Mandir. The present Bave Wali Mata mandir was built shortly after the coronation of Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1822. It is also known as the Mahakali Temple, the goddess considered second only to Mata Vaishno Devi in terms of mystical power. The Bahu Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Pilgrims flock the temple on Tuesdays and Sundays, regarded auspicious.

♦ Vaishno Mata temple
A pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji is considered to be one of the holiest pilgrimages of our times. Popular the world over as Moonh Maangi Muradein Poori Karne Wali Mata, which means, the Mother who fulfills whatever Her children wish for, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji resides in a Holy Cave located in the folds of the three peaked mountain named Trikuta (pronounced as Trikoot. The Holy Cave of the Mother is situated at an altitude of 5200 ft. The Yatris have to undertake a trek of nearly 12 km from the base camp at Katra

♦ Raghunath Temple
The Raghunath temple is a well-known temple in north India. Located in the centre of Jammu city, this temple was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1835 and completed by Maharaja Ranbir Singh, his son in the year 1860. This famous temple of Lord Ram has beautiful golden sheets on the walls of the main temple.

♦ Ranbireshwar Temple
Ranbireshwar Temple is the other well known Shiva temple in Jammu. Ranbireshwar Temple has its own legend, its devotees and specific days of worship. This famour temple of Lord Shiva is located opposite Jammu & Kashmr Civil Secretariat, on Shalamar Road in Jammu.In Ranbireshwar Temple, there are twelve Shiva ‘lingams’ of crystal measuring 12" to 18" and galleries with thousands of ‘saligrams’ fixed on stone slabs.

♦ Mahamaya Temple
On the bypass Road, behind Bahu Fort, the city forest surrounds the ancient Mahamaya temple overlooking the river Tawi. A small garden surrounded by acres of woods provides the best view of the city.

♦ Peer Baba Dargah
Peer Baba Dargah is dedicated to the famous Islam saint Peer Budhan Ali Shah. The dargah shelters the pious grave of this great Islam saint who apparently lived 500 years of his life consuming nothing but milk. Peer Baba befriended the tenth and the last guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, also the saint was in good terms with Ghareeb Nath and Ajaib Dev who were renowned for their magical powers.

♦ Peer Kho Cave Temple
The Peer Kho cave temple overlooking the Tawi river is another well known Shiva temple in Jammu. Peer Kho cave is located on the bank of river Tawi and it is widely believed that Ramayan character Jamvant (the bear God) meditated in this cave.

♦ Ziarat Peer Mitha
A revered Islamic shrine, located in the heart of the Jammu city, this place of worship features a twin structure, which is composed of a beautiful mosque and a large tomb. This shrine is dedicated to Baba Ziarat, who was an esteemed Muslim saint. A fine specimen of splendid Mughal architecture style, this edifice boasts of fine carvings and gracefully adorned interiors. Eye-soothing verdure surrounds this grand construction, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

♦ Baba Dhansar
65 Kms from Jammu, on way to Salal Dam, Baba Dhansar is a beautiful and cool picnic spot. Here, a huge spring gushes out of the mountain side in a thick grove of trees and forms a number of small cascading water-falls before ultimately flowing into the Holy rivulet that merges with the Chenab River. Next to the spring in a small grove in the rock face is a naturally formed Shivling on which droplets of water fall at a constant pace all the year round.